Friday, March 28, 2014

An Evening of Luna-cy... and Lettering

I had the distinct pleasure of working as a volunteer calligrapher at the Luna Dance Institute's annual "Evening of Lunacy" Gala fundraiser, along with a tarot card reader, professional photographer, live action poets (complete with dance ensemble), and other marvels of artistry. The event occasioned the making of a brand stamp, pictured below, which I paired with Luna's stamp on these one-of-a-kind hand-crafted mementos of the evening. A guest would see my sign, sit down at my table, and make a request: "Would you write my dog's name?" or "Could you do my and my partner's name together, with a heart?" As I obliged, first in pencil then ink, we would chat, and I learned some interesting things about people I'd never met before...

my stamp!

This was one contender for my stamp, which I tabled for another time.
First guest of the night. He makes electronic music under the name "Blender."
The full name of a little miniature poodle. Her owner, a patron of the arts, showed me lots of photos.

"Storybird" is the company, made of 2 young Oakland videographers, who made the Luna Dance Institute video.
In love but not married
African art dealers

Maroon, for a change of hue
This one is perfectly balanced!
Only one person requested a single word. I'm glad it was this word.
This will live on the wall of a Wells Fargo teller, who only works to support her love of gardening.
The night ended, appropriately, with a wine glass being knocked off my table. Saluté!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

dance science bodies

When a friend of mine asks for art, I say yes. I almost never say no. More often than not what follows is a special conversation between artists who share a history, of other art projects or collaborations, in a high school dance class or a college classroom; and the artwork emerging from this conversation comes from a little more joy, a little more love, than work commissioned by a stranger.

These six drawings were commissioned by my old friend Anna Schumacher as gifts for the donors to her upcoming video project. Check it out here: Should you choose to support this wonderful project with your donation, you can not only choose one of my drawings to KEEP forever (woo hoo!) but you can also rest assured you're doing your part to keep ART alive in your community.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Words But Not Math

Found on my morning run down 65th Street.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mint & Gold

Etsy trading rocks.

I say, "Can I please buy 100 adorable gift tags from your cute shop?," and
Etsy vendor JulesBabyBakery says, "Sure!"
I say, "But I need a few extra... can we trade?"
She says, "Sure! You do lettering?"
"Why, yes!," I reply.
"Please redo my shop name?," she requests.

I write out her new shop name and send the .jpeg, and in turn she sends me ten extra gift tags. Direct trade trumps capital.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lend Me Your Ears

After teasing you with sneak peek process photos, I proudly present to you the finished pieces in all their glory! I handcrafted this quartet of images for display in a larger gallery show titled "Lend Me Your Ears," a study of our connections to corn. Each piece exhibits my signature style of layering original drawings between panes of Plexiglass, and each piece features one of the top four corn-producing states in the USA.

These are for sale, individually or as a set.

Feast your eyes!
The finished quartet

Ooohhh... backlighting...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Third Valentine's Day together

2012 was the first time I had the privilege of calling GG my valentine. This year my valentine note came in the form of a very complicated origami heart - and learning new skills in the name of love is extremely romantic! For my part, I bedecked a skylight with heart garlands and we had cozy breakfast in The Conservatory (a.k.a. the converted garage/studio). I even made valentine cards for all my coworkers, while watching "Sherlock" under a blanket.

Hanging hearts will likely stay up all spring. I love February.

Art by GG

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My sweet niece

There once was a baby who looked like this, all wrinkles and milky breath
She grew to love tutus and dancing, like me
Now she is so big, she drinks by herself...
And getting some pajama cuddles were a great birthday present!