Wednesday, March 8, 2017

PRINTABLE Women's Day Postcards

Print, cut, and share with the women in your life. You can print one image, then feed that same paper back through to print the second side. This image can be trimmed down to one 8" x 5" card and two 4" x 5" cards. I created these art cards in celebration of Women's Day as my artist self while my mama self kept one ear open in case the printer woke my sleeping baby.

Please credit Lauren Aczon (or @leaczon on Instagram) if you share online!

Viva la donna!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tiniest found shopping list

I almost missed this one winking up at me from among the wet leaves on the sidewalk. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

To my sister

Found stuck on a fence nearby my workplace. Photo was pretty mangled, and words on the back were so faint, but the message really made me wonder about the context in which this photo was originally given, left behind, or discovered.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nothing Without Joy

There are two little saying always present in the entryway to my workplace (a Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool). The previously posted sayings were printed in the very worst font, Comic Sans, on brittle printer paper, and as I aimed to revamp the display board I rewrote these four important words in a more vibrant style. Beautiful sentiments deserve beautiful forms, n'est-ce pas?

Journal drawings

I rediscovered the journal that traveled with me to Nova Scotia for our honeymoon last summer. Some of these drawings are from then, one from New Year's Eve in Lake Tahoe, and some from this summer's travels around California. 

Pop Up Flower Shop

If you've been following my blog since 2008, you might remember Monica, the Italian florist in whose shop I passed many hours during my time in Torino. I saw her make so many people smile with her flowers, and have since held a dream of one day having my own flower shop...

Carpe diem! I've begun to live that dream!

With the help of one local cafe owner and one Oakland-based flower farmer, I have a weekly presence on the busy street corner of San Pablo and Alcatraz. On Saturday evenings I pick up my Bluma Farm flower order and bring them home to make bouquets for the Sunday morning brunch crowd. This bouquet making often comes after a long day of dance rehearsal, so a green tea and/or upbeat playlist helps get me through it. 

Week One was too windy to work in the backyard, so I set up shop indoors. (Many thanks to my ever tolerant and supportive husband for letting me make my messes.)
Making marigold and gimp herbs bouquets in the kitchen, see the oven in background? 
This bunch features a big purple chard leaf snuggled next to Queen Anne's lace.
My niece paid for her bouquet with her very own money from her very own wallet. She carefully counted out ten ones, chose her "Sunday Bunch" from the assortment, and immediately pulled out one stem to be her magic wand. "This one looks like a berry!," she giggled.
The weekend of the second pop-up was less windy, so I could set up my work table outside. Flowers at midnight? Yes, please!
This is the image I sent each friend who came out to buy a bunch. Soon I'll be able to accept creit cards, and I even have a date with a welder to craft my own flower cart! Wheeee!

Happy Autumn, everyone.