Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eleanor: 1988-2014

My first car was a gold 1988 Honda Civic named Eleanor. She and I have been together since I got my license in 2003. Today I said goodbye to her for the last time. 

She appeared in a composite illustration on the cover of the El Cerrito High School yearbook in 2004 as one of the "senior cars" recognized by many Gauchos. She and I (non-alcoholics) picked people up from parties, from BART, took friends to the City, and carried so many dance costumes to DP rehearsals! We took 2 round trips to Colorado together and toured the Southwest both alone and with college mates. She not only met all of my boyfriends but let each of them sit in the driver's seat at least once. 

I cried with Eleanor a lot. She sat with me while I picked at my new tattoo. She knew my grandmother very well, and brought her to the ocean after some of her final chemotherapy treatments. Eleanor was such a good listener, a trusty steed, and always told me I was beautiful. My ticket to freedom, the open road.

I miss you.
Eleanor + Ali + Cali to Colorado adventure
Me + Eleanor in Nevada
Me + Eleanor in Utah
Ali in the driver's seat for the first time!
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Goodbye, my trusted friend! I miss you already!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My DIY Wedding: The Invites

Most of you out there know that I just got married. Some of you were even there! Rather than chronicle the entire dirty process from engagement to present, I thought I'd feature some highlights from the DIY-artist aspect of things. I designed my own save-the-dates and printed them at Olive Route press, with the help of my sweetie.With his input I also designed our invitations, and created an image for our picnic reception. The bunting, cloth napkins, candle luminaries, wedding dress and veil, paper party favors, flower arrangements, and guest nametags on drinking glasses were all crafted by hand, and gave our wedding a very personalized feel. It was the happiest day of my life.

Many hands contributed to transforming an already perfect backyard garden into the magical, sparkling day-to-night wedding it was. Special thank yous to my family, especially my mother, my bachelorettes, Camille Robles, and the Nadler family.

Enjoy these process photos!

Daydreaming sketches done during night school lecture

Pulling the first few prints

Gideon did some, too!

Adding the little red hearts (not pictured)

Before the hearts, before the rounded corners

Rounded corners!

Preliminary sketches for actual invitation

On the left is the promotional flyer I picked up in Turin on our Italian trip last summer (2013), which inspired the color/style of our invitation set. Translation: I can't wait

Letterpress printed envelope flap, inkjet printed invitation

Handlettered by Yours Truly!

That's my dad, helping me affix vintage flower stamps

Ready... set...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everything is so f***ed up!

Another gem found on the sidewalk on 65th Street during a morning jog. This was hiding face down just beneath some bushes. Someone clearly worked very hard on it!

Friday, March 28, 2014

An Evening of Luna-cy... and Lettering

I had the distinct pleasure of working as a volunteer calligrapher at the Luna Dance Institute's annual "Evening of Lunacy" Gala fundraiser, along with a tarot card reader, professional photographer, live action poets (complete with dance ensemble), and other marvels of artistry. The event occasioned the making of a brand stamp, pictured below, which I paired with Luna's stamp on these one-of-a-kind hand-crafted mementos of the evening. A guest would see my sign, sit down at my table, and make a request: "Would you write my dog's name?" or "Could you do my and my partner's name together, with a heart?" As I obliged, first in pencil then ink, we would chat, and I learned some interesting things about people I'd never met before...

my stamp!

This was one contender for my stamp, which I tabled for another time.
First guest of the night. He makes electronic music under the name "Blender."
The full name of a little miniature poodle. Her owner, a patron of the arts, showed me lots of photos.

"Storybird" is the company, made of 2 young Oakland videographers, who made the Luna Dance Institute video.
In love but not married
African art dealers

Maroon, for a change of hue
This one is perfectly balanced!
Only one person requested a single word. I'm glad it was this word.
This will live on the wall of a Wells Fargo teller, who only works to support her love of gardening.
The night ended, appropriately, with a wine glass being knocked off my table. Saluté!